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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Rest in Peace, Caballo Blanco

See the Book
A couple of years ago, I read Christopher McDougal's fascinating book entitled "Born to Run" and recommended it to some friends and colleagues.  One of those colleagues informed me today in a short email that one of the main characters of the book, Micah True, otherwise known as Caballo Blanco, was found dead in the New Mexico Wilderness.

Here is a short documentary about a culture that Caballo Blanco strived hard to help keep alive.   I think he lived an interesting life and I am glad that I read about him.  Though I am not a marathon runner -- let alone an ultra-marathoner -- I feel a sense of kinship with the man and the life he chose to live.  Inspiring, to say the least.  You can read more about him in here.

Here is a Fora TV program that you may find interesting.  The book and these programs resonate with me, and stir my interest in running more, if I can manage to squeeze it into my daily schedule.

Rest in Peace, Caballo Blanco.  A big thank you to Christopher McDougal for writing this book!

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